Thursday, December 22, 2011

BC Miele Cup - Men's Slalom - Panorama

This was the last day of racing at Panorama before the Christmas break, and the fourth day in a four-day series of men's races. It was a glorious bluebird day, although admittedly rather chilly (next time I'll be seriously considering taking finger- and toe-warmers along!).

Mt Nelson

Big lesson learned today: Never assume anything - always double-check! All the previous day's races started just after 10am. I assumed that yesterday's racing would be the same. Wrong! Today's race started at 9.35am ... so I missed the first 11 racers, dang-it!

And, as Sod's Law would have it, those first 11 racers included the top three finishers: Erik Read (Can), Travis Dawson (Can) and Eian Sandvik (Nor). Sorry guys!

I really enjoyed shooting slalom, though! It was my first time shooting this race format. There's not so much time between racers (good for days like yesterday, which were pretty cold when you're standing around!), and the gates are close together so you have more chance of getting a couple of angles of each competitor.

As usual, I've posted all the photos on my smugmug page, but here are a couple of less-than-elegant moments I caught:

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