Thursday, October 27, 2016

The View From Here

Yes, the view from here is literally all I can show you this week, because that's as far as I can take the camera! That would be the view from the deck, or through the dining room window. The camera is a significant weight, so I cannot take it out with me even though I am currently going for 2 or 3 walks a day.

click to enlarge

Because of this hip issue, the doctor has booked me off work for 2 weeks' rest to, hopefully, allow whatever's going on in there to mend itself.

In the meantime, I am on twice-daily strong anti-inflammatory medication, a daily regimen of stretches and walking, and visits to the chiro and RMT every few days. And back to the doc on the 4th for reassessment.

Not only is this absence from work a huge burden on my colleagues at Riverlands, which makes me feel guilty, but I'm finding it extremely frustrating!

Some days are better than others: It's definitely better now than it was a week ago. But worse today than it was two days ago.

On top of that, I worry about my future. The doc says that there's a risk of long-term complications and chronic pain if I try to work through this before healing is complete. And I definitely do not want to be living with this for months, let alone the rest of my life!

All I can do is everything in my power to be fixed at the end of this lay-off period. Finger's are crossed!

Keep your weight in your heels!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016


It started on Saturday afternoon, not long before I knocked off for the day ... an aching in my left hip. Saturday is the first day of my work week.

After battling through Sunday, on Monday I endured the pain sweats, getting around in a t-shirt when the temp was about 10C in the rain, from 7.30am to 11am.

After that, I just could not take it any more ... took myself directly to the Chiro. Turns out my sacroiliac joint (which is between the left hip and sacrum) has frozen. Wikipedia can explain in more detail, if you're interested.

After an hour of being pummeled by the Chiro, she gave me some stretches to do, instructions on icing the area, and suggested that I not work any further this week.

And, she said, "Go for two or three approx 20 minute walks" before returning for another adjustment on Thursday afternoon.

Walk she said. I think she meant hobble.

I did it, but the pain is worse today, so I didn't venture further than one whole block - which is about 8 houses long and 2 deep.

We're in a traditional autumn weather pattern in our area now ... rain. It IS beautiful British Columbia, after all! I love the rain. It's not great to have to work in it, but I DID miss it when we lived in the Columbia Valley!

Anyway, rain doesn't bring great photo ops, so not many to share! Just this one of the low cloud being dragged through the evergreen forest ... with a painterly twist! Remember to click on the image to enlarge it.

I really do hope that I'll be able to work by Saturday ... no paid sick-leave here! Wish me luck in a quick recovery, and ...

Keep your weight in your heels!


Wednesday, October 12, 2016

How Time Flies!

It seems just the other day when I was whinging about how hot it was ...

Back then, it was tough to take nice photos of the horses because whenever they were outside, they were shrouded in fly sheets and face masks.

Now, all of a sudden, we're almost in winter and, while their faces are visible when they're out in the paddocks, their bodies are muffled in thick rain-proof sheets ... not conducive to showing them off at their best!

Speaking of rain, last Saturday we had a bit of a deluge which left the most significant snow yet, this season, on the mountain peaks around us:

So, yes, this is another excuse for why I haven't got another horse to introduce to you yet! At this point, I'd really need to enlist the help of another person ... and recently there's just not been the time for dilly-dallying around the barn!

With the forecast predicting an extended period of miserable weather, I took the opportunity yesterday to try something that I've been meaning to do for ages ... get a "big picture" look at the Pemberton Valley, as viewed from the Pemberton Meadows. This is a 24-shot, handheld, 180 degree panoramic, with me standing with my back to the barn entrance ... click on the image to enlarge it!

Another perk of the time of year, when the length of the nights begins to outstrip the duration of daylight: Alpenglo season is here! Here's a pastel version to get you started - I wouldn't want to blow your mind with dazzling colours splashed over the mountains too soon!  :D

Hmmm ... Mt Currie is featuring a lot lately, isn't he?!

Keep your weight in your heels!


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall Colours

Here in BC, we don't get the spectacular displays of colour that you might expect to see in Ontario or Quebec, but we do get the occasional bright splash, if you watch for it!

This week, I didn't have the chance to photograph any of the horses, as I'd hoped to do.

But, during the days when the weather changed every 15 minutes on the 15 minutes, I did manage to catch a few autumn scenes for your viewing pleasure (I hope!):

Hopefully, at least one horse next week!

In the meantime, keep your weight in your heels!