Monday, April 3, 2017

The more things change ...

... the more they stay the same!

Stormy Spring Skies - click to enlarge

I can't believe it's been almost two months since my last post!

New: Finally found a job ...

New/Same: Body breakdown ...

Same: The joys of being a tenant ...

Small Signs of Spring - click to enlarge

Like so many people who live and work in the beautiful Sea To Sky Corridor, we rent the place we live in. This means that you constantly under threat of having the place sold out from under you - whether you have a lease, or not!

Our circumstance was made doubly unpleasant by the fact that our landlord didn't even tell us he was formally putting the place on the market. Hubby found the listing by accident. And to add insult to injury, the landlord used photos that had been taken during an "annual inspection" of the unit, which showed our valuables - camera, computers, etc.

Rents are exorbitant (I was just offered a 3be/2ba unit for $4000/month!) here so it makes sense to seriously consider buying. Of course, it means buying something that's less than one's dream home, and living in too-close proximity to lots of other people. But at least we'd be paying our own mortgage, instead of someone else's!

Stay tuned for developments!

Moss in the Forest around Squamish - click to enlarge

Next up: Tennis elbow. Fantastic news to report on that front. It is 95% gone and my right arm is functioning as it should! I can still "feel" the elbow issue, but got through a day with SIX pet photo sessions without any side effects! Happy dance! I can take photos again, without fearing painful repercussions!

As I emerge from that 3-month recovery period, I seem to be diving into another issue ... my left shoulder is freezing. I've had frozen shoulder before. For weeks, I had to sleep sitting up because that was the least painful position, it ached all the time, and the pain from flare-ups when I forgot what I was doing were enough to knock me down to the ground, literally. This time, I'm diligently doing the exercises to keep the join moving and, so far, I'm still able to lift my camera. I have an acupuncture appointment for April 18th (unless the wait-list gets me in sooner). I've never had acupuncture before ... message me if you have, please, with The Truth about what pain is involved in being stuck with needles! ("They" said that having a tattoo isn't painful, but I found it quite challenging - yes, I'm a wimp when it comes to pain!)

Tantalus Range - click to enlarge

Ah, the new job. Not only working in a front-line position, but also in a medical field - a very busy dental clinic reception and administration. I'm being challenged on several fronts with this one! I've been there about a month, though, and they haven't kicked me out yet! Hopefully the great team of people I work with will get me through this breathtakingly precipitous learning curve!

Until next time, I hope spring has arrived where you are! It's warming up here and I've seen a few green shoots, but no daffodils or crocuses yet!