Sunday, February 12, 2017

How to Choose a Pet Photographer

Have you ever wondered ... how to choose a pet photographer?

I've put a comprehensive collection of thoughts onto paper, with the hope of helping you with what might seem like an overwhelming decision-making process!

It really isn't as difficult as you might think!

I'll help you figure out what to look for ...

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I'll tell you what to watch out for ...

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And I'll share a few things you hadn't thought of asking about, too!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Restorations & Adjustments

Restorations & Adjustments

That's the name of the new section I've added to my website!

Restorations are when Photoshop is used to remove creases, tears, spots and stains from the digital version of an old print - or a newer print that's seen more wear and tear than it deserves!

First, the print is scanned at high resolution, which results in a digital file. (If you don't have a scanner, try a nearby stationery outlet like Staples - they usually offer this service).

Then you email the digital file to me - saves you paying for postage!

I will work on the digital file to bring it back to life, removing those unsightly marks!

For the month of February I'm promoting this fledgling part of my business by offering introductory rates for photo restorations. You get this great deal because I need to do two things:

1.     Practice, practice, practice!
2.     Build my portfolio of samples!

See the attachment below for more information about this one-time offer!

So if you or your friends have some precious photos that need some loving, please get in touch!

Until next time!

PS: In case you're wondering, adjustments in Photoshop are when I digitally alter an image's appearance. For example, I change a colour photo into black-and-white, or convert a photo to look like a painting or a sketch, etc. It is used in commercial work, too, when product photos need to have their backgrounds changed, things like that!

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