Monday, March 31, 2014

March View

Here's the view for March - 31 images, taken on 31 different days but not necessarily at the same time of day, at approximately the same spot!

A bit of everything this month, as Old Man Winter slowly relinquishes his hold!

April is going to be "different" - watch this space!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Country Roads

It must be spring! Yesterday I took my first unplanned shooting safari of the season: I turned off my usual route and followed a road I'd never traveled before - dirt roads are always the best!

Good light, no traffic, new points of interest! As always, click on the images for a better view.

First stop, the long-forgotten longdrop ...

I loved how the light was catching the outhouse. And can't decide if I like the image more in colour, or black and white! What do you think?

Then the barn on the hill:

The island in the reservoir:

The Canada geese who arrived a bit early for the spring thaw:

 The abandoned tractor at the end of the road:

It is nearly the end of March, so watch for my "March View" edition in the next few days!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Premier Pet Set!

Last year, my friend and colleague at ICAN, Lana, purchased a Pet Set from me - the package was made up of four short sessions with your pet over several months, with your choice of favourite images to be printed regular size, plus one large print - as it turned out, Lana was my first "pet" client, too!

Lana rescued her Airedale, Shanti, from a terrible life of neglect and abuse. It is a long and unhappy story, but the way Lana tells it, Shanti chose Lana! They've been together several years now - and are inseparable!

I am deeply honoured that Lana chose to treat her 9" x 12" print so well, by having it beautifully matted and framed! Here she is with the final product:

Click To Enlarge

Thank you, Lana and Shanti! It was fun working with you both!

If you'd like to have photos of your pet taken, please email me for more information!