Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Weatherman Was Right!

For once, he was right! Doesn't happen often in our area!

Yup, its not even hallowe'en yet, and here's the first snow of the season ...

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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Rally Recce

The Rocky Mountain Rally will run in our area next week so, despite being in the middle of a house move, you know I want to be there to capture the action!

This morning, after moving a load of stuff from one house to the other, I took the opportunity to explore some of Stage One ... we are hoping that the valley fog that has plagued us for the past week will have cleared out by race day!


Hopefully I have better luck than I did at the Lakeside Event atop Mt Swansea during the summer!

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Monday, October 21, 2013

New Perspectives

Similar viewpoint to a couple of days ago, completely different view!

Fog is a regular feature during the fall, winter and spring months in the Columbia Valley. Even though I was parked at the highest vantage point on this road, it was between 1pm and 2pm before I could start seeing out over the valley, above the cloud! 

Visit my website to see all the photos I took today!

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Moving Scenery

Our landlords have sold the house we're currently in, so we need to move on. At the end of the month, we'll be moving just across the valley - its about 15km away, though, because we have to go around the lake.

I took a drive this  morning to time/measure the distance from our new place to my work (which is right near our current place). It was a rare fog-free morning (fog filling the valley is a typical weather pattern in the area during the colder months), so I decided to take my camera along!

Just a couple of minutes from our "old" house, I saw this view, looking east:

These two photos are part of the view from the road on the other side of the valley, as it ascends the hillside towards our new place, facing south. I think I can cope with this scenery from my commute route, four days a week, for the foreseeable future, eh?

As always, good copies will be posted on my website!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Late Fall in the Columbia Valley

Took advantage of a lovely late fall afternoon today, it was fairly warm (relatively speaking) and (almost) windless, I went for a walk around the neighbourhood.

I wasn't expecting much, but took my camera along anyway, just in case!

I was rewarded with a handsome senior canine who'd found a sheltered spot, and was catching some sun:

As you can see, almost all our "fall colour" has gone already and winter's just around the corner:

Thanks for dropping by!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall in the Columbia Valley

We don't get the spectacular range of autumn colours in our area, as one finds in the northeastern parts of North America, but we can find a few pretty scenes if we take the time to look:

On a sunny day:

Overlooking Lake Windermere, towards the Purcell Mountains
On a more moody day:

From the lakeside, looking towards the Rockies
A few more here.

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