Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy New Year!

A couple of days ago I got to get back to ICAN to update everyone's photos for the new year. It was great that there were NO kittens ... although, not surprising, I suppose ... they'll be the first to be adopted over the teenagers and adults, right? Here's one of my favourite shots from the session:

Oh, and at the end of 2012, I finished my second 365 project (its on my photography Facebook page, if you're interested in scanning through it)! It feels weird not having a photography project hanging over my head for the past week ... if you have any brilliant ideas/suggestions for a new project, I'd be happy to consider it!

I also, barely, got my blog series about my Arctic cruise finished before the end of 2012 - about four months after the fact! Now I'm in the process of uploading all the images to my smugmug website - once its done, I'll let you know (the photos I showed in the blog weren't ALL the photos from the trip!).

Just before Christmas, we were adopted by a lovely black cat. Long story short, his owner went away just before the holidays, and didn't come back until after New Year. She knew he was shut outside but left anyway ... I know, don't get me started! Anyway, he's now back with her, went back a couple of days ago. He's already shown up here again, trying to get in - I'm steeling myself to leave him outside, force him to go back to his "real" owner. I have a feeling this might not be the last we see/hear of him. His official name is BB, we call him Gordon ...

 All the best in 2013 - onwards and upwards!

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