Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Audi Nor Am Cup - Men's Super G at Panorama

So, after a long, cold session shooting the ladies' Super G on Sunday morning, I had to take the time to hike back down to the lodge and spend about 25 minutes thawing (literally - the pain told me so!) my fingers and toes. I also had a bite to eat, then I hiked back up to watch the men's race.

The action was intense, as you can see from the expressions below, and the field was very international!

The whole collection of men's race photos has been posted on my smugmug page. I had the good intention of using the start list to be able to match names with faces, but bib numbers are hidden from view (unless I turned around and took pictures of racers' backs, which would've been a pain in the axx - and my back, too!).

Needless to say, by the time the men had finished, about 2 hours later, the digits were frozen again ... I had to stop at the lodge to thaw them out before I could even think about driving home! Hope the results were worth it!

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