Monday, December 12, 2011

Audi Nor Am Cup - Ladies' Super G at Panorama

Yesterday I spent the day hiking up and down Panorama's hill ... several times ... I went to the resort to take some photos of the Nor Am Super G ski races that were being held there.

The finish area was a bit above the village, so it was a hike to get there. But there were no decent action shots to be had from the base area. So I hiked up the viewer's right of the course to see what angles I could find. Only to discover that the safety netting is so high that I can't see over it from beside the course, and there were no accessible vantage points beside the track that would give me the elevation I needed! So I tried shooting through the fence. Of course, one can't tell from the small lcd on the back of the camera, exactly how sharp the images are that one's capturing. They looked ok, but I just had a bad feeling. So down I went again.

I'd spotted a gap in the fencing just above the finish line (on the opposite side of the track - had to be, didn't it?!) that I might be able to shoot from ... it's where the sliders (the skiers who side-slip down the course to clear off any loose snow) can exit the course without triggering the finish mechanism and messing up the timing. Getting to the gap involved walking almost back down to the village area, around a block of forest, and up another trail. But I did it. And I'm glad I did!

Here are the a couple of my fav's from the day's shooting - lots more of the ladies race to be had on my smugmug page:

A Team Canada Member Cuts It Fine

Determination: Lost Pole & Glove But Still Competing!
Boy, I got cold toes and fingers! It's hot work climbing up the hill, but it doesn't take long when you're standing still to feel the -10C in your digits! 

Photos from the men's event coming soon!

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