Monday, December 19, 2011

BC Miele Cup - Men's GS - Panorama Resort

Back up to Panorama Resort today, to shoot the men's GS racing. This particular race series features the future of ski racing: 16-18 year olds.

Ran into a big challenge right away - they had closed the gate that I shot through a few days ago. Darn! And I couldn't see another above me, so had to find a way ... ended up shooting about 20m back from the fence, where I was just tall enough to see over it!

To add to my difficulties, there was a snow gun making snow just below the course ... and periodically the cloud of new snow would blow over the track. I'm surprised race officials allowed it, actually, but hey, what do I know? From my perspective, the mistiness from the snow making played havoc with my AF!

Anyway I think I got most of the racers who made it down to the bottom of the course during their first run. Here are a couple of shots ... the rest are in my smugmug gallery:

Slight biased towards the Canadian competitors, of course!  ;-)

Hope to be back at Pano tomorrow or the day after for the slalom races!

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