Sunday, November 6, 2016

Not So Fast!

That's what the doctor (and the chiro) said to me on Friday. Not in those exact words ... but the effect was the same: 

They wanted me to go back to work on "light duties".

They don't seem to understand that working in a yard is not negotiable ... you either do the job, or your don't.

Long and short, the doc called my boss and explained the situation. Which resulted in me having to put off work for another week to ensure that I really am fully ready to get back at it next week.

My logic tells me it makes sense ... but it is SO frustrating!

So here I sit for another week. I get to go on longer walks now, though, and incorporate lifting things, and going up and down hill. Better than nothing, I suppose. And at least I can now take my camera with me! It shouldn't be too heavy, should it?!

Meanwhile, here are a few shots taken through the dining room window on Friday evening, just before the next rainstorm moved in. It shows the snow being blown UP the back of Mt Currie, and right off the peak ... must've been pretty nasty up there!

So, on Saturday I WILL be back at work!

Keep your weight in your heels!


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