Friday, November 18, 2016

Back at it!

After 3+ weeks out of action with this sacroiliac issue, I have completed my first week back at work without too much aggravation!

Yes, I ached ... and I could definitely feel that my hard-won fitness level has taken a big step backwards. It's frustrating, but not much to be done about it except start again.

Happily, I didn't actually feel any issue with my SI joint until I got up on the fifth morning (non-work day, thankfully), so it has 3 full days to recover before I'm back at the yard.

I'm still under the care of the wonderful Chiro and RMT, and have a series of exercises and stretches to follow each day, to help keep things from locking up again, while rebuilding strength.

As I've barely lifted my camera for over a month, and have already shared those results on Facebook, below is one of my fav photos from spring 2015 - Alexander Falls, located up the Callaghan Valley, near Whistler:

click to enlarge
Keep your weight in your heels!


PS: We have had perhaps 7 days without any rain since the beginning of October. The Pemberton Valley had some significant flooding a week or so ago, but now the temps are dropping so we're not getting as much run-off from the early snow pack, and the precip is falling as snow at higher elevations, which keeps the rivers between their banks. Hopefully that trend continues. So sick of the mud!

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