Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Must Use Flashbender

So, at Christmas I was given a FlashBender - it's a small-ish, flexible reflector that I can attach to my 580EXII flash unit. Yesterday, I learned that I need to actually USE it, too!

I was at ICAN taking photos of two new clients, Meadow and Lois. In the past, bouncing the flash off the white ceiling has been sufficient but, yesterday, for some reason, perhaps the dark colours of the cats' fur, I didn't seem to be getting the nice light onto their faces. (Of course, you only notice this after you get home and download the images!)

Next time ...

Anyway, both of these cats will be available to adoption soon: Meadow was found wandering around Fairmont, and Lois, who's only about 12 weeks old, was found dumped at the mill in Radium Hot Springs. As always, photos are available on my smugmug page, but here are a couple of my fav's from the session:




  1. I can see the love you have for these darling creatures! You are a terrific photographer Tanya!! Thank you,Sharon

  2. Ciao Tanya love them all!!!!
    Especially...Meadow :-))))