Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cats and Challenges

I had the pleasure of meeting some of the other vollies at ICAN yesterday ... and enjoyed a Chinese smorgasbord (!) at a restaurant in Invermere that I'd not been to before! The lovely meal was a nice surprise, and the company was awesome!

Before the volly meeting, I popped in at the shelter to take photos of two new guests and to update the photo of one of the more shy residents. All three were a challenge today, but Roscoe was the most difficult! He can usually be found in his basket in a corner behind a lounge chair ... but if you take the time to go and say hi and have a little cuddle, you'll find it's very difficult to take his photo because he's wrapped around one of your legs from that moment on!

Here are a few photos ... the best are on smugmug:



Miss Kitty

Don't forget that I've recently started a new 365 project ... this year I'm putting the photos on my photography Facebook page, so be sure to click "like" so that you can follow along! Meanwhile, here's the link to the gallery from the first week so far!

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