Friday, January 13, 2012

First Dog Session

Today I got to take photographs of two pet dogs ... dogs who I've never met before, and who weren't "related" to me through family or friends.

I was SO nervous ... and thus managed to pick a shutter speed that wasn't quite fast enough (won't do that again!) ... but I got enough satisfactory shots from the outing to do for now.

Oh, and it was below -10C out, so it was VERY cold for everyone! Needless to say, we didn't stay out long - only about 20 minutes!

Here are Sammy and Chloe, two foster dogs at ICAN who've just been adopted!


Thanks to these two sweetie-pies, I've now started an ICAN dog gallery in Smugmug!

For those of you who're following along on my photography Facebook page, I'm almost finished week 2 of my 365 project. This week's topic is doorways.

Last week's subject was a grave marker from a different decade for each day.

Next week's ideas are being submitted as we speak ... be sure to add your thoughts, and "like" the best so that I know what to shoot next week!

See you out there!


  1. I love your photos Tanya.
    What a gift you have.. I always
    look forward to see what you'll post next!
    ** Sharon Dobie**

  2. Thank you, Sharon! You're too kind! I do appreciate the encouragement!