Thursday, August 25, 2016

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

That is the sound that my feet made every day when I took my first steps out of bed!

Yesterday afternoon, I had my first post job-change massage ... Kateri at Pemberton Valley Wellness gave my feet and lower legs a whole hour of attention!

And this was no relaxation massage! Plenty of "breathe through it" was involved! But so worth it!

No more rice crispies!  :D

A couple more photos from around the area (click on images to view larger version):

The photo above is a 10-shot handheld panoramic taken from the roadside, at the only place from which you can see the barn "from outside". It really shows that, while the facilities are pretty big in themselves, the environment they're set in is even more impressive!

Looking south, the barn roof-line with magnificent Mt Currie as a backdrop.

Looking north up the Pemberton Meadows, just so beautiful. One day, when I win the lottery, I'd love to be able to secure a piece of this heaven for our family!

Keep your weight in your heels!

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