Friday, August 5, 2016

Cell Phone Carrier Suggestions?

SECOND EDIT: Not scheduled to be delivered until sometime August 18-24!


EDIT: Ordered this today ... review to follow!


Good morning, Everyone!

I've been meaning to ask this but with everything going on in my life these past couple of weeks, I kept forgetting.

Does anyone have any brilliant ideas for a cell phone holder/carrier/protector for me? I ask because there are going to be times when I'm working alone at the stable yard, so I will need to have my phone on me, readily available, just in case an accident happens - horse gets hurt and I can't leave it to call the vet, or I get hurt and can't make it to the staff room, among other scenarios.

Requirements are:

- Sturdy

- Waterproof, or at least strongly water resistant
- Easily accessible

I have a terrible track record with cell phones in pockets (keep losing them - the phones, that is), so shirt/jacket/pants pockets are not on the list of options.

I was thinking something that has a neck strap that I can drop down the front of my shirt, maybe?

Thoughts and suggestions, please?

Thank you!

Keep your weight in your heels!

PS My phone is a Samsung something-or-other.

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