Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ramble down Ruault Road

This summer weather is so great!

We got out earlier than yesterday, this time heading down the west side of Lake Windermere and, due to unexpectedly heavy bicycle traffic from the Heart of the Rockies Triathlon, we turned down a side road sooner than planned. As we know by now, though, unplanned adventures are the best ones!

Ruault Road, just off Westside Road, heads across the benchland and drops down to the lakeside. Here are the "downhill" photos (as always, click to enlarge!):

A Teepee on the Far Side of a Donga

Grasses Rapidly Going Golden in the Hot Summer Sun

Hoped to see some Wildlife (Bear, Moose, Cougar) in the Dell, but No Such Luck!


Lake Windermere with the Rocky Mountains in the Distance
And here are the photos on the way back up to the car:

Had to do a Little Post & Wire Removal on This One!
Pretty Grasses, Wildflowers Past Their Use-By Date!
 Ttfn, until next time!

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