Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fireworks for Canada Day 2014

Today is Canada's 147th birthday!  <3

Despite feeling a bit tired, I made it through yesterday evening to 00h01 this morning, without falling asleep, so that I could take photos of the fireworks from the hillside above Invermere. Even with the help of an alarm clock, it would've been highly unlikely that I'd have gone, had I fallen asleep!

This is only the second time I've taken fireworks photos, so they're not great, but I enjoyed being out there anyway!

This is the view from spot I shot from last night, scouted in daylight:

Click to Enlarge (taken with wider-angle lens)

When we got up to the vantage point just before midnight, the sky to the north (left) was still glowing blue above the mountain peaks. But, just minutes later, at the start of the show, it was pitch dark!

In the area of the lake that disappears around the point of land that you can see in the daylight photo, there were scores of small boats - people who'd motored in to watch the fireworks from the water! You can see their tiny nav lights above the yellow light that's throwing a long reflection on the lake, at the tip of the point.

One of my favourite photos from the series:

Click to Enlarge (taken with zoom lens)

Please follow this link to the fireworks gallery on my website, if you'd like to see more!
A special thanks to my hubby for coming along to be a spare pair of eyes as I stood in the bush which is known to be frequented by all sorts of wildlife, small and large!

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