Sunday, February 3, 2013

BC Regional Pond Hockey Championships

Meanwhile, in Canada ...

No, Your Eyes Are Not Deceiving You!

For me, it has been a really long winter. For the first time since we moved to Canada in late 1994, I have felt absolutely NO desire to be out there in the cold - whether its skiing, cross country, snow shoeing, walking - nothing is tempting me out there! Hence the big gaps between blog posts!

Today, though, the sun's out (not a common occurrence during winter, down here in the valley). Its still cold, mind you, with a start close to -10C, but once the valley fog burned off, it almost felt pleasant.

The Trucks Behind Him Are Parked ON The Lake Ice

So after a hearty breakfast, I rugged up and forced myself to go down to Kinsmen Beach in Invermere, where the BC Eastern Regional Pond Hockey Championship, a three-day event between scores of four-person teams, is reaching the pointy end of the tournament. I didn't stay long, or take a great number of photos, but I think something of the Truly Canadian nature of this event shows in the images.

A couple of my fav's are on this page, the rest may be viewed on my website.

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  1. Love me some hockey! Yeah, I hear you about the cold weather. I am from Toronto but have since been traveling around the world. I have been living in Manila but am making the jump to Australia and more warm weather. Cheers and stay warm!