Friday, May 18, 2012

Two Greys and a Haflinger

It feels like its been a long week ... so I took myself for a little drive, hoping to find something that caught my photographer's eye ...

I was only out about half an hour ... but came across some horses that I had to stop for ... twice! For me, there's nothing as relaxing and peaceful to watch as fat, happy horses, grazing in a green meadow ...

This chap was resting up after hard morning's grazing, napping in the occasional pool of spring sunlight that spilled across his paddock. I'm not sure how "correct" this perspective and composition is, but I just love this picture:

Then, as I started driving away, I saw this handsome lad, ambling over to his friend's paddock to see what was going on ... he got sidetracked by some particularly tasty spring grass just inside the gate:

Not to be outdone, the last of the trio finally lifted his head, wondering about that clicking sound that human was making:
Of course, there are more photos on my smugmug page!

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