Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Colours & Swimming Deer

Went down to the banks for the Kootenay River, just below the Athalmer Bridge, where the river exits Lake Windermere, at sun-up this morning.

That is, about 9.30am! Can believe the sun's so tardy already ...

Anyway, I got my tripod set up, waiting for a few minutes for the last of the shadows to move off the fall colours in the trees, and for the sun to light up the houseboat that nosed up to the riverbank ...

When this happened:

Doe & Fawn Swimming The Kootenay River

Who knew that deer swam with such ease?! Mum just waded in without hesitation. The fawn dithered a little, then leapt in with a huge splash - totally unexpected - I missed it, of course!

Not much later, the light conditions were what I wanted, so I shot my hdr of the scene of fall colours, lonely houseboat, and reflections on the quite river.

Fall Colours On The Kootenay River

Hope you enjoy it!

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