Sunday, July 3, 2011

Fireworks @ Invermere - Canada Day 2011

Fireworks are always fun, especially when the conditions are conducive to being outdoors!

The last time I was out taking photo's of fireworks, was over New Year's Eve when it was -20C outside or colder. This time it was 35-40C warmer, but it was windy and there was light rain, too.

We'd scouted out an excellent viewpoint in the middle of a clutch of empty lots, where we could watch the fireworks display from the hillside on the opposite side of the lake. An additional degree of difficulty was the sound of twigs snapping in the shrubbery around us, making us very nervous (the reports of bear sightings, both black bears and grizzlies, as well as aggressive deer in our area, made us particularly jumpy)!

I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed with how my photo's turned out, but I had fun out there and I hope you'll enjoy looking at a few of my fav's, nevertheless!


  1. Tanya, don't be disappointing in your pics, I genuinely like them. They're sharper overall than my recent 4th of July pictures. (And I'm happy with mine, it was first attempt!)

  2. Thank you for looking, Lynda, and taking the time to comment! Yeah, I'm not exactly sure what it is about them that I'm not happy with ... can't put my finger on it ... and, frankly, it's not specifically fireworks that I'm feeling ambivalent about at the moment, almost ALL my shots I find lacking! [shrug] Dunno, maybe just a phase in my photography "growth"! ;-)