Monday, February 7, 2011


Of the photo's I've taken, this is one of my favourites already!

I took it yesterday, between 11am and noon, when my mum and I were out walking my dog, Taela. We had literally an hour of clear-ish sky before the clouds/fog moved back in.

This is certainly not the most distinct sundog I've ever seen, but it's definitely the biggest! And it's the first I've tried taking a photo of!

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  1. Gorgeous shot. It really popped when I saw it. How did you get the halo? Nice work!

  2. I see it was a "sundog" as you call it and a natural event. How cool!

  3. Thanks, Karen! Yes, it's a natural halo that sometimes forms around the sun.

  4. Tanya,

    Great photo of the sundog. I saw it made the weather site. I could not make out where you were in the valley when you took the photo.

    You mentioned following my site, unfortunately, I do not know how to enable this option. But feel free to check in whenever you choose.


  5. That's a really good photo of a sundog -- very well done