Friday, February 25, 2011

Halfway There!

It took longer than I expected (it usually does, from what I've heard from other students!), but I've now officially past the halfway mark to having completed the Complete Course on Professional Photography which I'm taking through the New York Institute of Photography!

I have successfully completed the theory tests, and have received good reviews on my photo projects for the first three units!

I thought I'd share my project photo's here, perhaps as a way to help future students get ideas for their own projects, and to point out places where they can learn from my mistakes!

I'd like to add here that I've made it this far due in large part to the help, encouragement and support I've received from the wonderful group of people on the NYIP forum! Thank you, guys! You know who you are!

I started the course in July 2010, and hope to graduate by the middle of 2011!


Illustrate shallow depth of field:

Illustrate great depth of field:

Motion - freeze action:

Motion - panning technique (can't tell which direction movement is in - subject facing wrong way):

Motion - subject blur (watch out for cutting off feet):


Illustrate framing (crop closer from left/right - don't necessarily need as much of the frame):

Illustrate the rule of thirds (consider a secondary subject in left-hand rot position):

Illustrate leading lines (take photo from between the lines):


Photograph a person in open shade (prefer portraits to have faces showing):

Illustrate back-lighting:

Illustrate texture using 90 degree lighting:

Using natural/available light from approximately 45 degrees, demonstrate how a reflector can open up shadows:

Without reflector:

With reflector:


  1. Nice photos! I just finished Unit 4 :) Woot! We're on our way! I hope to finish in a few months too.

  2. What a great post! These are all wonderful photos and I will definitely look back on this post when considering my future photo projects. Thanks so much!!

  3. It looks like you are learning so much! I have never bought a reflector yet. I keep thinking that I need to! : ) Congratulations on completing your class! Hope you go far with your photography.

  4. Hi Tanya! Thanks for sharing your photo projects, they all look really cool! In parantheses are probably the instructor's comments, right?