Saturday, August 6, 2011

35th Annual Lakeside Event - Invermere 2011

And now for something completely different!

I'm not completely sure how this competition works, but I believe it's something of a test of aerobatics and skill, and impressive accuracy when landing on a target!

Hang gliders and paragliders take off from the summit of Mt Swansea, just outside of town, and make their way down to the Lakeside Pub on the shore of Lake Windermere in Invermere (a mouthful, I know!) where the landing spots are designated.

I thought I'd want to watch some of the launches, then make my way down to the town to watch the landings ... but I found myself captivated by these athletes' skill and courage, hurling themselves off a very unforgiving mountainside!

I've started getting the photo's ready but it may take a while to get them all onto Smugmug, considering I still have a wedding to finish, as well as the run photo's.

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  1. Molto bella Tanya as always!
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