Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Year Ago Today ...

It's almost a year since I posted here! I have every intention of making it a regular contribution but, as my track record indicates, my intentions can't be counted on ... at least when it comes to regular blog posts! (One of my new year's resolutions was to get back to my blog ... and look how long that took!)

What inspired this return to the blog? Today was the first full day of sunshine that we've had in about 6 weeks! It feels like spring (although we know that's probably a false alarm)! Don't get me wrong: Not complaining! We had a couple of weeks of snow over the holidays but, since then, nothing but rain. Dreary, yes, but less of a pain in the butt to deal with in daily life!

Today we had a lovely walk from our flat through Squamish towards the Terminals and Estuary area. Here are a few of the photos (click the image to enlarge):

As many of you already know, we now live in Squamish. That's about 90 minutes' drive south of Pemberton, where we were before. It's a moderate-size town at the head of a fjord called Howe Sound, on British Columbia's coast, about an hour's drive from Vancouver. We've been here since June last year, and are loving it! That's a big surprise, particularly to me, because I didn't have the town at the top of my list of most-want-to-live-in locations!

Have to admit that I'm getting a tad nervous because our lease is up in 4 months. No idea if that will mean we have to move yet again ... one can only hope not but, at this time, it's up to the landlord gods, if we're to continue renting. And the WHA gods ... which by extension means the wait-list gods, if we ever hope to be able to find a place to buy ... and finally unpack all these xxxxing boxes!!!

If anyone's still out there ...

See you next time!

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