Sunday, October 12, 2014

Photo Day!

The keen photographers among you will have experienced this phenomenon: Some days, nothing inspires you. Other days, you can't put the camera down! Yesterday was such a day!

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It started first thing in the morning, with a very unusual sunrise!

A little later, in the kitchen while Paul and I were drinking our second cuppa of the day ... two Whiskey Jacks started flitting around the pines outside the window. I don't think I've ever seen them in the Columbia Valley, and definitely not at this lower elevation! The first two photos were taken through the double-glazed (and less-than-spotless!) window above the kitchen sink - we were 10-15 feet away from the birds, and the second two photos were taken from our deck, 20-30 feet away:

View higher quality images here.

Late morning, we had to vacate the house for at least an hour because the landlord had (another!) realtor bringing potential buyers to look at the place. We had to be out for about an hour. So I persuaded Paul and Mum that it might be a good time to head up the road to Panorama, to take photos of the Golden Larches, which are "on show" at this time of year:

Golden Larches are deciduous conifers, which means that their leaves "turn" in the autumn, and fall off, just like maples, oaks, aspens, etc!

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A few days ago I mentioned that we're moving. Well, you know what it's like when you live in a certain place for a while, you keep promising yourself "I've got plenty of time to shoot ___!" The Golden Larches grow well along the path of the Toby Creek, which I've been "meaning" to photograph for several years. So I took the opportunity yesterday, straining the patience of my fellow day-trippers, to git 'er done!

View higher quality images here.

There are still a few locations on my "to do" list before we leave the Columbia Valley. Only time will tell if I get to them in the next few weeks!

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