Sunday, August 10, 2014

Lakeside Event 2014

It was a long day. Over 7 hours of continuous shooting. On top of that, about 30 minutes of steep uphill hiking, followed by over an hour of steep downhill, with two cameras/lenses, water, food, etc!

It was a wonderful day, with an awesome bunch of people!

The Lakeside Event is Canada's longest-running gliding meet - it's been running since 1975. These days, paragliding has largely superseded hang gliding, but there is still a handful of the fixed-wings left!

Conditions dawned fine with a forecast for hot, sunny weather. The tape beside the landing zone beside Lake Windermere tells the tale of the flying conditions: Light and variable!
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Also visiting, and not often seen here due to heavy summer recreational boating use of the lake, was a floatplane - a true Canadian icon!
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The paraglider and hang glider pilots launched from the bald peak you can see behind the aircraft. This is what it looked like from aloft - the lz was at the right-hand end of the left-most body of water:
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Here's one of my favourite photos so far:
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I'm still working on getting the photos processed and posted, but the first batch is up - here's the link to the gallery - I should have the whole set up by the end of the day Tuesday, at the latest!

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