Saturday, June 28, 2014

Inspiration in the Neighbourhood

Sometimes it just takes a change of routine to reopen the eyes! After the excitement of the shoots over the past couple of weeks, I hit the adrenalin hangover this week ... couldn't "see" anything for the life of me!

This morning, we did something we don't often do these days ... we took a stroll around the neighbourhood. We moved into the area in late October, so by the time we were settled the wintry weather wasn't conducive to walking! Our spring has been pretty miserable, bar a few days here and there, and summer's non-existent so far!

The first thing I noticed was that there are actually some wildflowers around at  the moment.

Our subdivision is perched atop a ridge. This is the view out the "back" of the neighbourhood:

And this is out the "front":

Almost by accident, we noticed this recreational area in a depression in the landscape - bet it'll be as buggy as all out in the summer (if it ever gets here). I don't think the pond's supposed to be as extensive as it is, but liked the reflections in it!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

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