Sunday, January 12, 2014

IPC Alpine Skiing World Cup - Panorama 2014

Much to my surprise, I was granted permission to shoot on-course (ie: inside the fences) at this Paralympic ski event held in Panorama, BC, this weekend. Imagine that, all I needed to do was ask!

Its an almost week-long event, and I managed to get up there for two days: Thursday, a training day for the downhill race, and Friday, the downhill race day.

IPC Alpine Skiing World Cup - And Winter Wildlife Viewing!

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There seemed to be a bit of confusion about what "inside the fences" means as defined by the person who granted permission for access, and the "juror" I had to check in with upon arrival at the course. This was complicated by the fact that I was accessing the course on foot instead of skiing to my preferred shooting station. Long story short, on Thursday I ended up shooting from just inside the course crew exit gate, just above the finish area, where I was far from any gates (turning points) on the course, and it was pretty much flat.

I had hoped to go up to a higher point on the course on the second day, but that area was socked in with fog and falling snow, so I decided to return to the previous day's spot. At least I'd have a chance of seeing some of the action from the lower vantage point, even if it was on a rather unexciting section of the course!

What really surprised and disappointed me was that a grand total of six people showed up to watch the racers as they arrived in the finish area at the end of the race. What a pity that these inspiring athletes just don't get the recognition that they so richly deserve!

To see the whole collection of photos from both days, please visit the IPC Alpine Skiing World Cup 2014 gallery on my website.

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