Sunday, November 10, 2013

Never Ending Story

As most of you already know, I volunteer as a photographer for ICAN, the Invermere Companion Animal Network, taking photos of the clients (usually cats, but we've had a rabbit, a rat, and dogs, too!) for their website, flyers, calendar, etc.

This weekend was the first time in at a least a month that I've been there, due to our house move. Incredibly, the number of new kittens and cats at the shelter does not seem to have dropped - if anything, its busier than ever!

I don't understand how, in our relatively small area, there are still people who're irresponsible with their pets - allowing unplanned breedings, and not spaying/neutering!

Kudos to the team at ICAN, the real heroes who do the cleaning, feeding, socializing, fund-raising, trapping of ferals, etc, along with the ongoing education of the willfully ignorant. We owe a debt of gratitude to these people, who alleviate the suffering of the innocents.

In this post are a few of my favourite images from this weekend's session.

Have a look at the rest of the photos here.

Images in Africa Safaris & Photography workshops

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