Friday, July 12, 2013


Scouting = visit to location in advance of an event, to see what shooting angles, lighting, action-catching opportunities there will be available to you on the big day.

Today involved a visit to Panorama Resort here in the Columbia Valley of Southeastern British Columbia, where the 2013 Canadian Downhill Mountain Bike Championships will be held this weekend, July 13 and 14.

We took the Mile One chairlift halfway up the mountain, then hiked down the trail that the riders will be navigating over the next few days. The weekend's action promises to be awesome, because we could barely walk down the trail - never mind ride a bike down it!

Of course, I had my camera with me, so had to take photos of the spectacular scenery around me - it was the perfect summer's day in the mountains!

High resolution versions may be viewed here. Stay tuned for action shots early next week!

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