Friday, June 28, 2013

Winston Was Right

Winston Churchill, that is:

"The best thing for the inside of (a) man, is the outside of a horse!"

Its been a long week. I took my camera along this afternoon, when I took the garbage and recycling up to the dump, simply because one can often get good Bald Eagle and other larger raptor shots up there. Not today.

On the way home, though, I decided to take a mosey down a side road to see what I could see. Happily, I came across this friendly and talkative steed who came trotting across to say "Hi!" almost as soon as I pulled over.

Just that short drive, maybe 20 minutes, off my route, and 5 minutes spent taking photos of one of my favourite subjects, and I could feel the tension leaving my shoulders, and my eyebrows relaxing!

See larger versions on my website here.

HAPPY CANADA DAY to my Canadian family and friends!

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