Thursday, May 2, 2013

Flood Debris

Yesterday, we were down in the Athalmer wetland area, taking photos of a couple for their engagement. Turns out the water level is very low right now, and we came across this old car wreck:

One wonders about the car's history. The damage makes me think that the vehicle was swept away in flood waters - if so, I hope the driver/passenger/s made it out ok. It looks like its been there for a really long time, though, so it could just have been dumped in the wetlands (or somewhere upriver) back in the day, and the damage is from the pressure of constantly advancing and retreating flood waters.

There was another vehicle even more buried nearby, but it was wheels-up - looked like the chassis of a small industrial truck.

No idea what make/model it is (do you have any ideas?), but Paul reckons its from the 50's. More full size images of the car are here.

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