Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fairmont Fantastic 3 Triathlon 2012

Its Canada Day - or Dominion Day - or just plain July 1st - that means its the day that the fifth annual Fairmont Fantastic 3 Triathlon was held down the valley!

Its a small event, not a huge field of competitors. Its a comparatively short course - but don't let that fool you - its tough! Paul and I sat beside the trail for a few hours this morning, watching bikers slog up the mountain, then down again - then hoof it back up the mountain, and back down again!

This guy won by a mile, didn't seem to even break a sweat until he came down off the hill the last time:

The gallery of photos from the triathlon is being posted on my smugmug gallery - I've still got about 100 photos to process - the collection should be complete in the next day or two!

On the road to the venue, we saw something we've never seen in person (as opposed to on tv) before: A turkey vulture! This isn't the best photo for a couple of reasons, but I love the lines of that huge wingspan - a better photo is in my birds gallery:

Happy Canada Day to you!
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