Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Iao Valley & Kepaniwai Park Heritage Gardens

I'm finally getting caught up with photos from our visit to Maui, Hawaii, last month! More photos from this location are in the smugmug gallery.

Iao Needle
One of the very interesting locations on the island, full of local culture and lore interwoven with the flora and fauna of the island, the Iao Needle in the Iao Valley, and the Kepaniwai Park Heritage Gardens.

Apparently, it used to be a rite of passage for young men to climb the Needle, which is a lava remnant rising 1200ft from the valley floor (or 2250ft above sea level, which is a mere 20 minute drive away).

The heritage gardens incorporate many cultures' influences ... Hawaiian, American missionary, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, and Filipino ... it is a pity that it seems more than a little neglected ... and that gangsta wannabe's bring their "music" to this oasis to assault everyone else's quiet enjoyment of the peace of the valley.

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