Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Image Theft

So, I got angry today.

As angry as I’ve ever been.

I can think of just three other occasions on which I’ve been this shaking, quaking angry (no, I won’t go into the gory details).

Today’s episode came on very unexpectedly. Out of the blue.

Who knew that someone would think enough of one of MY amateur photo’s to STEAL it and post it somewhere, without attributing it to me, but under their OWN name?

And to be dumb enough to not only post it just a month after the original was uploaded by me … but on the same website where I originally posted it (yes!) … then to claim that it was a “back yard sunset” on February 14th, when it was taken at 11.20am on February 6th … and, to add insult to injury, to claim it as your own …

I supposed I should be FLATTERED!


I certainly didn’t anticipate feeling this angry or upset!

I’ve no problem with someone copying a photo to use for their own pleasure – as a screensaver on their personal computer, or something like that.

What were you thinking, Justine Swindell, when you posted my photo on TWN’s website as if it was your own?!

I can prove that the original photo is mine because on the day I took it, I blogged about it here:
My Blog
and I also posted it here for my photog friends to look at:
NYIP Forum

Needless to say, my comments about the theft are now in several locations on Facebook, in the two photography fora that I contribute to, and now, again, here in my blog.

Thank you to for promptly removing the fraudulent image.

End of rant.


  1. Tanya, I am so sad that happened to you. What a terrible experience. Did they take it down and apologize? I hope so! : ) Your picture is just beautiful.

  2. Thanks, LWK, it wasn't fun at all! Happily, the website where the photo appeared removed it within a couple of hours of my sending them an email telling them about it!

  3. Tanya, that's terrible! Glad you caught it so it could be handled, but sorry you had to experience that violation. No one needs that kind of flattery (it is an amazing pic!).

  4. Thanks, Lynda! I'm rather partial to the shot, myself! ;-)

  5. Gonna happen; that's the internet age.

    You need to start putting a stamp on your image that includes your name. Doesn't have to be big, just something in one of the corners. Could even just be the URL to your blog or website.

  6. You're right, Jamie. And unfortunately, in order to succeed in business these days, one has to "prove" oneself on the internet by posting one's work.

    Nothing is foolproof - right-click disable, watermarking, embedding copyright info - a determined thief will take a posted photo.

    Trick is to find a good balance between posting good enough photo's online to promote your work, but perhaps not the best images that will get stolen and used for someone else's benefit!