Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cold Snap!

Yikes, but it's cold out there!

With night time low temperatures in the mid -20's Celsius, and daytime highs barely getting into the high teens below, getting the simplest things done (like laundry - downstairs pipes are frozen!) becomes a serious challenge!

Even at midday, it's too cold to be out much longer than half an hour, even if you're walking!

Poor Taela, short walks until this is over ...

Needless to day, having a regular photography outing, let alone a daily outdoor shoot, in these conditions is difficult! You know you're not going to be out long because batteries just won't stand up to the cold!

Here's today's photo, at -22C just as the fog banks were clearing:


  1. This does sound cold! These are beautiful photos. I'd love to visit Canada one day. Maybe when it's a bit warmer though...

  2. Thanks very much, Karen! And welcome! You're my first "follower"! Hope I don't bore you to death! ;-)