Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photo Assignment Reviews

Got my reviews on my first photo assignment back from NYIP yesterday. Seems they're all pretty good. Only issues are ...

... Panning Motion: Instructor couldn't tell that the zipliner was going right to left - he thought left to right - so suggested I crop the other way. Non-issue, really.

... Blur Motion: Seems the printing process cut off the horse's hooves ... I didn't notice before sending the shot in! Oops!

Started unit 2 theory in earnest yesterday ... read the business booklet for this unit, and also the lesson on Image Capture. Wow, dry stuff ... might have to go through the lesson again this morning to make sure it's clear in my head!


  1. Turns out the horse's hooves were not cut off! Instructor just managed not to see them ...

    And the zipliner shot did show the cable lower at one end (the end towards which he was zipping) lower ... but hey ... guess the teacher wouldn't assume that I'd have had the camera straight and level when I took the shot?!

  2. I'm close to wrapping up and submitting my photo projects for units 2 and 3, which will mark the halfway point through my course. Once I've sent them off, I'll post my project images from the first three units ...