Friday, June 3, 2011

365 Project

This is the first picture I posted in this project, on July 13, 2010.

{{Shudder!}} Omg, it needs straightening!!! And several other things need fixing, too.

All in all, though, I don't think it's too bad considering I'd barely started my photography course and didn't know* my axx from my elbow when it came to taking and processing photo's.

* Back then, I didn't know what I didn't know. Now I know there's so much I still don't know!

Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I started this project. Some days it's such a chore.

In case you're wondering, a 365 Project, as I understand it, is when a photographer (or anyone, really!) takes at least one photo a day that he/she's willing to put their name on, and show the world. And THAT, my dear, is the crux of the matter ... finding something different EVERY day! Or at least a different perspective. WAY harder than you might imagine.

There are all sorts of variations, of course. 52 projects (one photo a week for a year), for example (way less stress!). Then there are 365 or 52 projects with themes, eg: colours, or numbers, or cars ... anything!

The point is to take the photo that day and post it that day ... not stockpile photo's and then post a bunch of the best ones. That's cheating.

I readily admit that there have been occasions when I've not posted every day and have used a photo from the day before ... but it's been for a good reason ... like driving cross country 10-12 hours a day, or being sick ...

The exercise is an excellent learning tool, despite the unnecessary pressure we put ourselves under in order to fulfill it! I have gained two big things that I can think of right at this moment:

- It taught me to open my eyes and really LOOK at what's around me ... don't just LOOK at it, but SEE it, too.

- And, because I'd just received my first dslr camera (Canon T1i - highly recommended) when I started the project, it forced me to get to know my camera much quicker, and much more thoroughly, than if I'd been left to my own devices: I'm a big chicken when it comes to new things, afraid to try in case I fail, etc.

Anyway, I have 39 days left to go with this project ... I know I'll finish it ... and, boy, I'll be glad when it's over!

And yet, I'm already thinking about what my next 365 project will be ... a theme this time, I think ... hmmm ... perhaps start on new year's day ... and take a photo of the exact same scene, from the exact same spot, every day, and collect the images into a 365-second slideshow ... will have to see ...

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