Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Of Those Rare Days ...

... when shots just present themselves to you in your day-to-day living! It doesn't happen often. For me, every few weeks or so.

I went to the grocery store early today, to avoid the rush, arriving just after 7am. On the way home, I decided on an off-chance to drive down the road the leads to Eagle Ranch Golf Course. I hoped to catch a lingering elk.

One of the side roads has a small development of (very expensive) cabins. I really like the style of the homes but they're well beyond our means! Anyway, the road dead-ended so I turned around and, on the way back, I slammed on the brakes to take a few photo's of this scene. The "lonely cabin in the mountains" feel really appealed to me:

Then during the midday dog walk, Taela and I came around a corner in the short forested trail that is part of our route, to find this fellow watching us closely:

I took a couple of shots before he started looking a bit stressed and took a step towards us. That was enough for me - I started walking on. Just then, I heard a small noise and, just to the right of the buck, saw this scene (I took the photo one-handed, mind you, I kept walking!):

Apparently we'd interrupted a bachelor party!

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