Saturday, June 18, 2011

Invermere Farmers' Market

The Invermere Farmers' Market runs every Saturday from sometime in June through sometime in September, 9am to 1pm. I guess the actual dates depend on how the seasons are progressing.

This year, I think they might've started a bit early, because there was little farm produce available ... a few root veggies, some honey, no milk or eggs, and no local fruit!

Not that we're complaining ... there's lots of other stuff to look at ... who knew our area was choc-a-bloc full of artists of all varieties:

Metal Art

Recycled Stuff Art

Gourd Art

Chainsaw Art

And here's the character of the day: The man who makes mosquito houses (yes, little houses to protect mosquitoes from killer humans!).

Maybe I'll look into what the license costs to get a stall, and see if I can sell some photo's ... or am I getting ahead of myself? I'm looking forward to going back, either way!

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  1. The last one is excellent. It has a sense of mystery- a little edgy. I think you should set up a stall. You never know til you try : ) Plus it's a great way to see what people like best.