Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stanley Cup Final @ Vancouver

I'm not disappointed, I'm ASHAMED!

You people who weren't part of "the few" who caused so much carnage are just as guilty - instead of using superior numbers to stop the damage and violence, you gave the thugs an audience by standing around filming and photographing and actively encouraging them!

I hope the authorities use all the footage and photo's posted online to prosecute the whole lot of you!

You're a DISGRACE!

End of rant.

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  1. What a difference a day makes!

    This morning we woke to see scenes where the people of Vancouver spontaneously turned up to take their city back! They helped clean up.

    And they left messages of thanks to the police and other services that prevented the night being worse than it was, messages of condolence to those who were injured and who suffered property damage, and messages of condemnation to the thugs who caused it all.

    Please people, everyone who was there and who took photo's of the chaos, send copies of your photographs and film clips to the police so that the criminals can be identified and prosecuted!

    If we let them get away with this, Vancouver's reputation both nationally and internationally will be irreparably blackened (as it is, many millions of dollars in damage has already been done to the tourist industry!).