Monday, November 14, 2011

Cue The Next Phase ...

... of my photography career!

I have just received my evaluation for my sixth, and final, photo project as required by the Professional Photographer course run by the New York Institute of Photography.

Apparently my graduation certificate order form is on its way to me ... I can only deduce from that statement that I am actually going to graduate!   =D

Back in February, I posted the images that I submitted for the first three photo projects in a blog post, together with any critical comments the images received.

As promised, here are the photos from the last three projects (I've added these photos "as is", despite being sorely tempted to tweak some of them to make improvements that I can now see are needed!):


Location Portrait: (Suggest a more obvious prop in the hands, and that subject dress the part, too. Watch backgrounds).

Pet Portrait: (Crop a bit from the top).

Window Light/Reflector Portrait: (Suggest bring reflector in a bit closer. Try a moderate telephoto lens to compress the scene, and to give more comfort to the subject).

Artificial Light/Two-Light Portrait:

Group Portrait: (Watch toes cut off).

Child Portrait: (Give her head a bit more space in the frame).

Child: (A bit washed out in print).


Commercial Duplicate: (Crop from the left to match the tall skinny ad set-up).
This is a copy of a Sears catalogue ad.



Photojournalism: (I forgot to submit a caption! Instructor didn't understand my lighting explanation "bright overcast". Crop from the top).

Sports: (Caption would've been nice).


Architecture - Exterior:

Architecture - Exterior @ Night: (Avoid having vehicles and people large in foreground).

Architecture - Interior: (A bit much going on - rather do one "room" at a time. Set the table in dining area).


Still Life: (Turn anything with lettering on it so that the lettering is the right way up).

What do you think about the photos? Any questions about the photos? I'd be interested to hear from you!

Most of all, I hope that my mistakes help others avoid making them!


  1. I think your photos rock! Congratulations on graduating. I have a cheapo camera and know nothing about photography, so the comments you received are interesting and helpful to me, too. Are those your kids? Too cute! Love that sports photo. What a nice variation.

  2. Congratulations!!!! I'm almost there too. Just need to gather up my assignments and mail them. I love the photos great work!

  3. Thanks for looking, ladies!

    Lyn: Thanks ... I'm never really happy with my results, although feel I've made a few pleasing images. Just have to keep practicing! (No, not my children - the girls below to a photog friend of mine).

    Karen: Thank you ... am sure you'll be graduating very soon! Hope you'll share your project photos, too!