Saturday, October 29, 2011

My First Solo Job

A wonderful occasion ... my brother and his fiancee's engagement photos.

No pressure. And, omg, was I nervous! I don't think my hands were actually shaking visibly, but inside I felt like a leaf in a gale!

We spent a couple of hours at several locations, chosen by Rob & Kathryn, in the lovely Panorama Mountain Village, between 4pm and about 6pm, just as the sunlight was leaving the valley.

Toby Creek Crossing

Riverside Romance

Sixth Sense

If you'd like to see more of Rob and Kathryn's engagement photo collection, please visit my Smugmug page.


  1. Thanks, Karen, I appreciate the encouragement! It certainly was a great experience! My mentor has (gently) pointed out some big posing no-no's ... lesson learned! I am just happy that I survived it, and that my brother and his fiancee are happy with the results!

  2. Very nice, Tanya!! I really like the way you caught the sun between them in the second one! Congrats on the job!: )

  3. Thanks for looking, Mary! It feels great to have my first "job" under my belt!