Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sneak Peek: Shawna & Family

In a couple of hours I'll be doing my very first SOLO shoot - my brother and his fiancee's engagement shoot in Panorama Resort.

I think I'm more nervous that I'll admit to myself.

I need distraction.I've been trying to find it all day:

So ... a few days ago I had the pleasure of shooting with my friend, Shawna.

This time, the object of the exercise was to get some decent portraits for our websites - she'd shoot me for mine, and I'd shoot her, and Shawna with her daughters, for hers.

I've tried several times to get some decent post processing done, but just can't seem to achieve anything I like. Here are a couple of examples:

I've tried watching various episodes of the recent CS5 course I took. Everything makes total sense ... until I try to apply it to my own photos! Aargh!

Next Day: Must've been the stress of the day ... PS breakthrough first thing this morning! Woohoo! (Can you hear the relief?!)

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