Saturday, October 8, 2011

creativeLIVE - Free Online Learning

For those of you who haven't yet discovered the joys of online learning, here's a fantastic resource that I've been taking full advantage of!


Their brilliant business model is that they broadcast, over the internet, various creative courses. Worldwide. For FREE.

Photography     Filmmaking     Design     Technology     Web Design     Fine Arts

Taken Last Week at the Lovely Canyon Campground 
in Radium Hot Springs

Even if you're in a low bandwidth area where watching streaming video is a challenge, they've got a version that you'll be able to watch.

Yes, if you watch LIVE, it's free!

If you don't want to commit to that time, or just can't, you can purchase the course.

If you purchase the course before/during the live broadcast, the price is heavily discounted. For example, the current course will cost U$149 from Monday ... but if you buy before Monday, it costs U$99!

So, there are no more excuses for not upgrading your skills.

I've watched several courses on various aspects of photography - both shooting skills and the business of photography. I've learnt a great deal from these programs, and have been lucky enough to have been able to watch them live.

What I need the most help with, is post processing. I've bought the recent Lesa Snider four-day intensive Photoshop CS5 course - and I watched it live, too, so know it's going to be worth the re-watch.

Right now I'm watching the David Nightingale "dramatic post processing" course. I've bought this course, too, because I'm going to miss some of it due to work commitments.

Do yourself a favour, register with creativeLIVE for email updates ... they're adding courses all the time ... and seriously consider actually sitting in on a live session and PURCHASE those that are most beneficial to your skill set!


  1. This is beautiful Tanya! I love it. By the way the NYIP forum has calmed down quite a bit. I'm finding inspiration out there again : ) Really love this photo.