Sunday, March 20, 2011


Last night was the night that the moon passed the closest to the earth that it's been in about 20 years ... that is, about 1000km closer than it usually is!

Of course, true to form in BC, the weather was overcast!

Happily, I anticipated that and went out on Friday night, when it wasn't exactly clear because there was a layer of thin/variable cloud, but at least we could see the moon. Paul kindly accompanied me on this outing and drove us across the valley, where we parked behind the hockey arena, atop the bench above the lake.

This is the best shot of the bunch, imho. I am, always have been, terrible at moon shots, and my post production work didn't help a great deal, either!

But at least it gives you an idea of what we saw:


  1. Great capture of the Moon's's different (in a good way), from a lot of the other pictures I've seen so far. I also like the fact that the moon's in context to the hills, with the trees in silhouette, and it looks like snow on the ground?

    The clouds prevented any shots both last night and tonight. Such is life in the PNW, no?

  2. Tanya, I like this photo a lot, especially with the trees and the hills!