Wednesday, March 30, 2011

First Job - An Engagement Shoot

Well, my first photography job, anyway! That is, if you can count a "contra" arrangement as a job: I exchanged my time and skill (am I allowed to call it that, yet?) for the right to use the images I take to promote my services.

I was working with a fellow photog who's starting out ... she's giving the engagement shoot to the happy couple as an engagement gift. Here's her website: Karora Photo

We were lucky with the weather - lately it's been SO windy and miserable here - not so much rainy, just chilly (jolly cold with the wind!) and uncomfortable outside! We had some sun, some cloud, and managed to dodge the few raindrops!

Thijs and Jessica are the couple, young, energetic and adventurous! Their challenge to us: Make a collection of "urban" photo's in our outsize-village rural town!

Here are some of my fav's from the shoot (there are some more in the set, on my flickr page):

Did I mention they're adventurous?


  1. Yes you are very talented and you can call it skill if you like. These are great! I'm so glad that you got an opportunity. I need to find some folks to shoot!

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  3. Thanks for looking, Karen! I find it so hard to judge my own work - it always looks like c**p when I compare it to others' efforts!

  4. Oh, that's so funny, "urban" photos requested in a rural area! Some do actually look urban!